Motivation 4 Touch Therapies

Deep Muscle Relaxation

Deep muscle relaxation - come on a journey of discovery where accompanied by soft music and gentle relaxation exercise you will be encouraged to let go of tension and stress and feel more relaxed than you have felt in a long time or maybe ever.

Our relaxing massage therapies can be a great source of stress relief and  help to rejuvenate a tired body and overworked mind.   these can also be combined with other touch and NLP Talk therapies.

Touch Therapies - massage therapies at Motivation 4 Gloucestershire 

All over Body Massage and Hand & Foot Massages

All over Body Massage, Hand and Foot massages - Touch therapies designed to alleviate stress and leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed.


Touch Therapies - Massage Therapies at Motivation4 -Gloucestershire
Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage - is part of the touch therapy range. A very relaxing and highly beneficial head, neck and shoulder massage, often accompanied by essential oils. Leaves you feeling revitalised, the muscles more relaxed and re-tuned.




 Touch Therapies - Costs and Bookings

 Our Touch Therapies Costs:

Deep Muscle Relaxation ( 60 mins )
Hand Massages ( 15 mins approx )
Foot Massages ( 30 mins )
Indian head Massages ( 30 mins )


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