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The Conscious Eating Programme ™

4 week course  - £40 per person for full course

The Course gives participants the opportunity to assess their eating habits, change their relationship with food, learn to respect and listen to their bodies and make healthy lifestyle changes. It also offers nutrional help and advice, deals with triggers and emotional issues affecting eating habits and provides support for individuals to set realistic goals and reach achievable targets. There will be some group and individual activities too and is a fun weight loss club! Above all, it enables participants to interact and provide support to all members of the group. The course is followed up by support group meetings. 

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Confident Brides Course


Everyone wants their wedding day to be special and getting married will be one of the best days of your life. Often though the build up to your wedding day can be incredibly stressful, so many decisions to make, a budget to save up for and try to stick with and of course making everything 'perfect'. Combine this with the fact you are going to be the centre of everyone's attention, surrounded by all of your friends and family. As the wedding draws nearer it is natural you are going to feel more stressed, anxious or overwhelmed - who wouldn't!

You may begin to think nobody is listening to you, but help is at hand. Alexandra at Motivation4NLP will help to restore your confidence and self esteem, she will teach you how to control those wedding day jitters and how to stay calm and confident even in the most stressful situations. You will be able to approach the wedding calmly and still retain the excitement and happiness on the day. Follow me at Facebook for your next free confident brides tips .

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Motivation4 provides bespoke and tailor made training, workshops and seminars both in-house and at carefully selected venues, geared to groups and individuals who desire to change direction, overcome obstacles and embark on a journey of self discovery which enable them to gain new momentum in their work and personal lives.




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